Exchange 2010: Message tracking to find Bcc recipients.

I get this query or task often to find the Bcc recipients of an email. Though it is not possible to find the Bcc recipient from mail applications like Outlook, but it can be easily tracked from message tracking log.

As all the emails passes through Hub transport pipeline, irrespective of the recipient status, it is logged in message tracking logs.

Let us take a look at an example:

I sent below email to two recipients, one in To and the other in Bcc


I did the tracking of the above email and below is the result


As shown above, all the recipients are logged in message tracking, but it is not clear which or whether a recipient was in Bcc. Let us dig deeper in the logs..


When we look at the Receive event, the recipient Status clearly shows that there were two recipients in To field and one in BCC, but it is still not clear who are To and Bcc recipients. Let us format the output of this Receive EventID for more clarity


If we look closely on the above result, we can see that recipients are listed in matching order.

Kiran – To

Sri – To

Vamsi – Bcc

So the answer is, yes, Bcc recipients can be tracked by message tracking logs..

See you soon…

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