The Active Sync Device cannot be found :)

Sometimes it seems like, people are waiting to come online on communicator. I plugged in my laptop and picked the cup to fetch hot water to prepare my daily dose of green tea, and one of the site in-charge pings me for an active sync device issue. I politely informed that I need some time to get settled but he was insistent to fix the issue right at the moment. Ok..whats up …

A user has been let off and he carried the device with email configured on it. Security team needs this device partnership removed ASAP. Go ahead…I said. He retorted that after trying it from EMS and EMC and getting an error, he has bugged me.. ok ! let me have a look.

I opened EMC and searched the user and started manage mobile phone wizard.  I could see a device attached to the mailbox. Selected “Remove mobile phone partnership” and clicked on remove and here is the result


Why…we have a device attached and I do have full rights to manage my exchange environment then what…Took a close look at the error and it showed “The active sync device cannot be found”..Hmm.. I asked IT incharge if there is any changes made to this user AD object. He said as the user was terminated the AD account was moved to Terminated user OU..Voila..that is it..Because the partnership was established before the object was moved to this OU, we are receiving this error. One way to fix this is to move back the AD object to original OU and then remove device partnership and move it back to Terminated User OU. But Security team guys will not allow it so we need to do this purely from exchange side without doing anything to AD object.

Tricky. I forgot about my green tea and started thinking…after some googling and trial and error found the solution.. The trick is to use device GUID..

Here is the simple solution if you ever run into this.

  1. Open EMS
  2. Run following command : Get-ActivesyncDeviceStatistics –Mailbox “user alias”
  3. Copy the GUID of the device that needs to be removed
  4. Run below given command

Remove-ActiveSyncDevice –Identity “Guid copied in Step 3”

Go have your cup of green tea. J

3 thoughts on “The Active Sync Device cannot be found :)

  1. If you receive an error ” An unexpected error has occurred and a Watson dump is being generated: Object reference not set to an instance…”
    Run the following command:
    Set-ADServerSettings -ViewEntireForest $true

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