Have you ever ignored a message in outlook?

Few days back, I got a call from one of my local IT engineer friend to help on a tricky issue. He mentioned that for one of the user, emails with an identical subject line moves directly to Deleted items folder irrespective of internal or external sender.

My first suggestion was to check if there is a rule but as expected, the answer was “no rules”. I double verified it from exchange PowerShell and he was true –no rules.

I had seen such issues earlier and most of the time corruption in rules caused this and MFCMAPI had helped in almost all cases to remove the corrupt rules. But this time as there was no rule at all, MFCMAPI also could not help L

Then, I started analysing those emails. While looking at those emails in Deleted items folder, I noticed that “Ignore” menu is highlighted for those messages but not for other messages…next question, why is this and what is this “ignore” thingy…

As per MS “Ignore Conversation removes all messages related to the conversation that you select, and moves future messages in the conversation directly to your Deleted Items folder.”.

That was it…User has accidently selected “ignore” option instead of delete option and as designed, all future messages in that conversation was moving directly to Deleted Items folder.

Ok..symptom and cause understood but how to stop it…simple…go to Deleted Items folder, select any message in that conversation. You will see that Ignore option is highlighted if the conversation was ignored earlier.

Click on the ignore button and there will be a message popping up


Select Stop Ignoring Conversation.  As mentioned, future messages will not be moved to Deleted items folder and all ignore messages will be moved to inbox folder.

Though this ignore option is helpful if we need to stop a particular conversation coming to inbox but it should be named something like “Delete Conversation” as it does exactly that…





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