Sad..disappointed, disheartened…..

From last few days, I was reading and following the news of lay offs in some organizations. I have few friends who are working with this IT giant or shall I say was working with this IT giant. I never wanted to call them to ask if they are also affected by this turmoil but could not hold myself. Spoke with one of my very good friend who was also my mentor in my first job. We had spent few good years working together for two organizations before we moved on in our career.

When I called him today, I was praying to God that please keep his job safe. But no…he has been laid off..could not control my tears..why..why God..

He comes from a very humble background. Has struggled a lot to grow in life. I’ve seen his low and was part of his high times…We had shared our sorrows, pains and good times. Why..why he or why anyone..

Long back I was listening to a speaker in some seminar on emotional quotient and he had said “A man is shattered by two tragedies –one loosing spouse and the other is loosing Job..

Everyday when I wake up, I pray to god to keep my family and dear ones safe, sound and healthy.

Now as the emotions are bit low..I am pondering “is this what we deserve”..We compromise on our personal life, sacrifice our happiness to keep our clients happy. We forget or we don’t get time to call our family but never fails to dial in a conference call. We loose sleep to make sure that servers are up and running but if our kid is not keeping well, we may not get a day off to take him/her to doctor..

will come back to this…right now.. all the best my friend..

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