Respect & Appreication

Leadership is not just managing resources. It also involves communicating, inspiring, and supervising to be a successful leader.

I do accept that I am not the most talented person in this IT world but I do my job honestly and with complete dedication. I also accept the fact that sometimes I slip but those instances are very rare.

I’d never considered my job as a job. Troubleshooting, fixing issue and implementing new ideas are my passion. Working in this team and for this organization is an honor for me.

I feel great when a user says “thanks for your help” or this

. This keeps me going.

But it breaks the heart when I am told “It is all your fault. you are no good and you should be fired right away”, when working on a P1 issue. Sorry, it was not my fault. I was trying to help someone to fix their issue.

You do not appreciate me for the jobs well done, taken, but please please do not insult, threaten and intimidate me. No award or reward can compensate the emotional pain and mental agony a person goes through when he/she does not feel valued and respected. Treat your employees as your colleagues not just as workers.

Thanks. Happy weekend.

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